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Boldly Sailing Into Space

Fare thee well Tumblr; It’s been a fun ride but I’m done.

Catch you in the drift.

Live long and prosper.

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I’ll be revisiting my PR/ST:AOS crossover fic. I hated the last chapter I posted and the next chapter that I wrote but never posted. I’ve had the story running continuously in the back of my mind though since then and I have numerous changes I will be making to the content I’ve already posted as well as a better direction for what’s yet to come.

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Going camping this weekend (making it a long weekend, woohoo!), long ass drive tomorrow…guess I’m making/finishing epubs of some fanfics I love to read on the go.

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Even though I have the ability to be fairly anonymous on the internet, (surprise! name here is a pseudonym…don’t even get me started on my fears that people I know might find me even with that) I can’t help but still feel as awkward and insecure as I do offline. Truth be told, I think I just feel more lost and disconnected because of it. I often ask myself why I bother with the internet and Tumblr. A part of me would love to just close up shop here and go back to the lonely little life I lead with the guy of my dreams and a handful of friends. I’d find a great deal of comfort in that to be truthful.

It is something I have considered on many an occasion. Typically it involves me going on a mini hiatus but I’ll always come back in days…weeks…months. For now I shall remain but I thought I’d mention these feelings to any followers who might care.

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Waking up in the middle of the night realizing you got a Trek fact wrong and then feeling like a failure because dammit Jim, that’s not OK.

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into darkness gave me one thing and that’s the headcanon that because of khan’s blood jim will live as long as spock ok so this 100-years-alone-after-jims-death bullshit never happens and i can finally sleep at night

yeah but what if jim outlives spock? can you imagine him standing beside his t’hy’la on his deathbed? spock says, ‘you look the same as the day we met.’ and jim smiles and strokes spock’s wrinkled cheek and says, ‘so do you.’

go to your room

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my #1 talent is saying stupid things to people and immediately regretting it

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You know what…I don’t think I have. I remember bookmarking it but I don’t ever remember reading. On the list!

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reblog is you still get emotional with this scene no matter how many times you’ve seen it

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